CivicWise Partners with Neoteric TecKnowlogies

CivicWise Partners with Neoteric TecKnowlogies

We’re happy to announce our new partnership with Neoteric TecKnowlogies. Neoteric TecKnowlogies is an end-to-end project management and consulting firm specializing in project implementation in the public and private sectors.  With over 20 years of collective experience, Neoteric TecKnowlogies offers a full suite of consulting and project management solutions including business process improvement, project scoping, enterprise software implementation, organizational change management, and small and medium business services.

What does this partnership mean?

As an implementation partner, Neoteric TecKnowlogies will leverage the CivicWise modules and platform along with their current toolkit to meet customer requirements.  Neoteric TecKnowlogies has undergone extensive training on the CivicWise platform to take full advantage of this powerful software platform to automate processes in the municipal space.

Ben Burk, Director of Professional Services for CivicWise said, “We are proud to be enabling Neoteric TecKnowlogies to provide their customers with the full power of the CivicWise platform.  Our platform is an easy on ramp for many processes to be digitally automated and exposed for citizens to self-help. With the recent expansions to our product portfolio, partnering with Neoteric TecKnowlogies now widens the opportunities to automate an even wider set of processes for a growing number of municipalities.”

Here’s what Scott O’Donnell, one of Neoteric’s founders, had to say about the partnership: “We are extremely excited to announce our partnership with CivicWise. Neoteric TecKnowlogies’ mission is to help businesses achieve more efficient and effective processes by utilizing modern technologies, and CivicWise aligns with this mission perfectly. In this current environment with the need to modernize and move services online, we feel that CivicWise’s application is perfectly positioned to help businesses achieve this.  We think the combination of our expertise in software implementation projects combined with CivicWise’s advanced application will make for a perfect partnership which will deliver significantly increased value to both our customers.”

Contact Neoteric TecKnowlogies at to learn more about their services and the CivicWise platform.

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