Enable Citizens to Access City Services During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Cities need to maintain their services even during events like the COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

As we all worked to flatten the curve, we also need to think about how to keep life and business as normal as possible while social distancing. While in-person services may be forced to stop, citizen’s needs don’t. To maintain as much normality as possible cities must find alternative ways to communicate and enable citizens and companies to do business with and in cities. For the most part, this means providing citizens with online services.

Providing Online Services Can Help

While there is never a good time for a pandemic like COVID-19, we should all appreciate that it happened after cloud-delivered software solutions became a thing. During these times, the usual list of advantages of cloud-hosted solutions aren’t worth touting, the key advantage to focus on in these times is their ability to permit workers to be socially distant, quarantined at home, and still help keep essential city infrastructure operating without risking further spread of the coronavirus. CivicWise can help your municipalities, like we do others, keep city workers safely socially distant.

How CivicWise Can Maintain Services While Social Distancing

Like everyone else, we are also taking precautions to avoid service disruptions due to COVID-19. Our staff is working from home and we’re monitoring our data centers to ensure that our system continues to work from the two that are hosting customers’ applications. Customer data is redundantly hosted exclusively in Canada on Microsoft Azure data centers. One is located in eastern Canada and the other in western Canada. Microsoft has given us reassurance they are able to keep their infrastructure operating despite the outbreak. We fully expect to maintain our normal service levels. Customers should reach out to our support team or their account manager if they have urgent issues that need to be taken care of.

How CivicWise Can Help

Through these trying times, we realize you will be taking precautions to ensure staff safety as well as trying to satisfy your citizens’ needs. In order to ensure that municipalities are able to accept and respond to citizens’ needs, we have put together a package that you might find useful. On average, CivicWise can have this package up and running within a week. The package contains application intake and remote processing for the following modules.

  • Building permits: Enables citizens to submit applications for building permits. Staff can access drawings and data from anywhere with internet connection and use standard tools to review drawings. The models provide status views, the ability for multiple staff members to view information at once, and a standardized way for customers and staff to interact.
  • Business license: Enables citizens to request Professional or Business Licenses and upload required documents. Staff can process these documents from online, use the portal to respond to citizens, and to upload issued licenses for citizens to pick up. The module provides status views, lets multiple staff members access information simultaneously, and a standard way for staff and citizens to interact.
  • Customer request management: Provides staff members with a way of tracking, flagging, escalating or otherwise managing requests or complaints and reporting on them. Staff members can use the portal to respond to citizens. The module provides status views, lets multiple staff members access the same information simultaneously, and provides a standard way for staff and citizens to interact.

CivicWise also has a number of other modules that can help. Learn more about them on our Solutions page.

Fight COVID-19 and Maintain City Services

Whether you use CivicWise or another system to provide services to citizens, we hope that all cities are managing to find a way to function during this pandemic while maximizing social distancing. Eventually, the world will find a way through this time, and we at CivicWise are prepared to socially distance like the staffs of cities around the world. If you’re interested in learning more about the package mentioned above, please contact us today.

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