Introducing CivicWise

With the advent of the new decade we have some exciting news to share. In 2019 we saw the growth in demand for Stratawise within municipalities. As a result, to ensure focus on our municipal customers and to maintain the exceptional customer service levels that you have come to expect from us, we are launching a dedicated set of services just for the municipal market. We are excited to launch CivicWise, a services section of our company that is dedicated and focused on applications and services for this market.

CivicWise has its own dedicated staff, augmented and supported by the resources in Stratawise. This will ensure timely and appropriate multi-level services and support. In addition to more staff, CivicWise is working to enhance offerings for municipalities by creating modules relevant to them and that can be leveraged out-of-the-box, with minimal customization.

Watch for enhanced product functionalities and great new modules through 2020. For example, in Q1 2020, we will be releasing a module for Heritage management. Our Heritage registry module will simplify the way municipalities manage and keep track of Heritage relevant assets within their municipality. Also in Q1, we will be launching enhanced reporting and dashboarding functionality through our Business Intelligence module. In addition to enhancing the product offerings CivicWise is working on integrations relevant to municipalities e.g., Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Power BI, Amanda etc.

As part of these changes, we are also proud to introduce our new Account Manager to the City of Vaughan, Eva Bugaric.

Eva has years of experience providing technical expertise in maintaining corporate-wide critical applications – performing system upgrades, determining impact of new releases, developing new functionality, fine tuning configuration, integrations. Core systems she has worked with include Class, AMANDA, and ServiceDesk.

Eva’s introduction to the City of Vaughan is timely and will help to ensure success in the final phase of the Zoning search module integration with Amanda. Eva will be reaching out to introduce herself.

There will be no changes to the existing license and terms of service agreements in place between Stratawise and the City of Vaughan. future services and invoices will be supplied through CivicWise.

We are excited that these changes will help us serve you better and we anticipate that municipalities will be able to further shorten their time to market with our new out of the box modules. We will continue our product development – always designed to provide state-of-the-art, device agnostic, solutions.

We are always available for discussions, questions or concerns.
Thank you for your business in 2019.

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