Municipal Heritage Register

Identify and track properties of cultural heritage value or interest 

Module Features

Identifying properties of cultural heritage value or interest is an essential part of a municipality’s role in heritage conservation. The Heritage Registry module allows staff to manage and track building permit changes and allows staff and citizens to search the registry.

  • Customize Based on Heritage Districts: Customize the names of each heritage district in your municipality.
  • Upload Documents Relating to Designation: Staff can easily upload documents relating to when the property was designated, council meeting minutes and by-law information.
  • Allow Citizens to Search the Registry Online: The heritage registry can be searched by your citizens online.
  • History of Actions on Request: Staff can easily see a history of all actions taken on a request.
  • Customized Workflow Processing: Use our out-of-the-box workflow to process your requests or customize the workflow to suit your organization’s needs.
  •  Customized Forms: Each module comes with pre-defined forms for data input. You can choose whether these forms will be used by staff or external users or both. Each form can be customized to suit your organization’s needs.

heritage registry form
Example Form

This is just one example of how CivicWise can make citizen and staff users’ lives easier. We offer other modules, and can customize this module to suit your municipalities specific needs. Email to view read about other examples of modules CivicWise has created for municipalities like yours.

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