Permitting, Licensing, Planning and More

More efficiently serve the community through process automation and intelligent tracking

CivicWise is an innovative, modern, cloud service that automates a wide array of processes, and shines when it comes to processes like the following:

Permitting – fully automates all aspects of any permitting process from submission through final inspection

Licensing – whether it is a business license, wedding license, or fishing license, fully automates submission forms, approval, processing, and delivery

Planning – automate the processing of site plans, subdivisions, and zoning changes

Request Routing – Automatically accept and direct citizen requests and inquiries to the right department or individual, ensuring each is promptly processed with as little effort as possible

Some Background
The founders of CivicWise have successfully re-imagined process automation for a variety of organizations, and are now doing this for processes that involve requests from the community for government services. There is a common issue across industry and government, and that is that process automation currently takes much longer than it should, requires expensive consultants to customize, and results in mediocre results both for the user and those providing the service being automated. CivicWise overcomes these common issues through an innovative approach for providing customizable portals, forms, workflow, and notification.

With our success in Manufacturing, we were approached by one of our management consultants who had painful experiences applying for a permit from a government organization.

Our research of applicants using the permitting services of governments turned up these results:

  • Online services (application submission, permit issue to inspection scheduling) are the most demanded but rarely provided.
  • Some of the online services available are very complicated to use and hence requires higher paid staff, with technical knowledge, to submit the applications.
  • Very few municipalities have status checks of your application available online.
  • Based on complaints during our research, many suffer from “Day-before syndrome”, where a set of deficiencies are sent back to the applicant the day before the due date.
  • Users of the available online services said they looked out of date and wondered why the solutions had not been updated.

After researching this market, we decided to apply our platform to re-imagine the permitting business–as the shortcomings listed above are all easily overcome with the CivicWise platform.

How CivicWise Makes a Difference
For many solutions, more IT staff time and investment go into making the system work and upgrading it than is saved by deploying it–meaning staff is not focused on their core duties of servicing customers. This is not the case for automating processes with CivicWise. One of the main reasons is that the CivicWise app is delivered as “Application as a Service”.

Traditionally for business systems, the more you use of a solution, the more complicated upgrades and integration become, not so for CivicWise –we own the upgrade, so we will not let that happen. As a result, your users will continue to get a modern experience on your portal–and so will your clerical staff and inspectors. Your staff including IT, can focus on innovation and process improvement rather than maintaining the system–because we do that for you.

CivicWise is responsible for:

  1. Installation and upgrade–get immediate access to new features as they become available, stay modern
  2. Performance and availability–and as a cloud-native application, we can scale elastically across availability zones
  3. Scalability and disaster recovery built in by leveraging the cloud platform’s native support
  4. Our support team is responsible for the operation of your system–in the event of any issues, your system owners can escalate to our support team
  5. Our modern customization and integration approach prevent locking you into the current release

Given CivicWise does all of this for your staff, they are free to innovate and respond to customer needs. Imagine if your IT department could get back time – your permit services would be online, you could spend more time improving business processes, you could finally get your EAI/BI tool integrated with more of your core applications, and you would have your insightful dashboards that display up-to-date information.

Key features of our services are:

  • Simplified IT management using up-to-date, established technologies
  • Consumer ready formats – all our screens are mobile friendly (native mobile app for iOS and Android coming soon)
  • Time-stamped data for insightful trend analysis
  • Customer engagement through application-native platforms–enabling the organization to go beyond compliance by providing and alerting management to key deadlines
  • Fast implementation and deployment–deployed services are immediately available to applicants, staff and even staff-on-the-go (e.g. remote access/mobile inspectors)
  • Modules that can be customized and configured to suit specific workflows
  • State of the art workflow management
  • Workflow assignments to third parties, with access for them to review all application data (third parties like conservation authorities, state/provincial agencies, etc.)
  • Easily documented, portal-based communication with applicant
  • Easy to establish standards for regular or expedited processing
  • Support for submission and management of conditional permits and easy visibility
  • Built in dashboard reporting
  • Developed based on cybersecurity best practices

CivicWise has a full deployment plan that we will review with your team before you commit. This project plan covers, requirements gathering, design, customization, acceptance testing, and training.