Options to match where you are on your digital transformation

Includes a free option for those just getting started.

Start Your Digital Transformation
$9 /user /mo
  • Move beyond paper and PDF forms
  • Unlimited form submissions
  • Choose forms from our growing catalog
  • Cloud-hosted, nothing to install
  • Email confirmation for submissions
  • Up to 20 Staff Users (unlimited citizen access)
  • Free Email Support
Complete Citizen
Service Portal
$18 /user /mo
  • Automate Staff workflow
    and approvals
  • Unlimited stock modules
  • Tailorable forms
  • Email notifications and
    alerts for citizens and staff
  • Searchable service portal
  • Up to 40 Staff Users (unlimited citizen access)
  • Includes training for administrators
Enterprise Citizen Service Platform
  • Powerful platform for automating any process
  • Unlimited customizeable modules
  • Replace or integrate with expensive legacy platforms
  • Customizable reports and dashboard
  • APIs* and developer
    training available
  • Up to 5,000 Staff Users (unlimited citizen access)
  • Professional Services
  • Optionally bring your own payment processor
  • Premier Support included
    Premier Plus available

Interested in Premier support, contact us: sales@civicwise.com or 813.210.9572

We scale to serve large companies
Our first customers were Fortune 100 clients requiring significant scaling, high availability, and disaster recovery. We can meet your mission critical requirements.

Architected from the ground up as a multi-tenant cloud application to scale to any size. Redundant, active-active, deployment architecture to avoid single points of failure.

  *API Throttled to 1500 calls in 24 hour period