Safety Monitoring, Tracking, Planning, and more

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Everyone wants to offer a safer environment whether you are a fire marshal with the responsibility to ensure your equipment and the equipment of others is ready to protect lives and properties or a plant supervisor tasked with ensuring the safety of workers and the productivity of the plant, Stratawise makes it easier to apply the ounce of prevention, and when that was not enough, to track any issues that arise, and to do so in a way that supports continuous improvement to ensure that, while accidents happen, they do not have to happen again.

Track the Monitoring/Maintenance of Safety equipment

·        Always be ready for an audit

·        Integrated Safety Issue tracking makes it easy to ensure problems are triaged and remediated

·        Mobile app makes it easy to capture data through barcodes, QR codes, photos, and GPS

Example: Monitor the condition and life-cycle of oxygen cylinders, fire extinguishers, and other fire-related safety equipment.

Track Safety Issues

·        Supports compliance requirements by demonstrating a repeatable, best practice process is followed to remediate the problem

·        Permits easy tracking of issue prioritization, categorization, and ownership

·        Provides for reporting on cost and effort

Example: As part of reviewing the condition of firefighting equipment or machinery, capture the issues found, and track their resolution.  For example, capture that a particular unit has a bad valve and record that it is out of service pending the repair.

Track Safety Incidents to resolution

·        Ensure reported safety incidents are consistently captured and processed

·        Use the 5-Whys process to get to the root cause

·        Provide reporting to track lost productivity and other impacts

Example: Worker injured on the job.  Capture the details of the cause, which equipment was involved, related open safety issues, root cause analysis, recommended changes to avoid a repeat, cost of the incident in terms of money and productivity, and the resolution.

Track Safety Related Changes

·        Perfect for processes with multiple levels of review/approval

·        For example:

o   Track changes to part storage locations

o   Process changes related to hazardous machinery or materials

o   Reconfiguration of safety equipment

·        Creates an auditable record of what changed, when, by whom, and who approved


Example: When an O2 cylinder storage rack will be relocated, many safety factors need to be considered, for example, locks on the doors, will the floor support the weight, and proximity to other stored gasses. 


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