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Key Features of the CivicWise Portal

Custom Online Portal

The online portal allows staff and citizens to track and make requests. Easily tailor the online portal to your city's look (colors, logos, messaging, email templates).

Online Payment

Users can pay online using a saved payment profile or just using their credit card. Modules are configurable to allow non-payment requests.

Online Registration

Users can self-register and can be easily notified of approval by email or mobile push notifications.

Dashboard Reports

View up to date Key Performance Measures on your dashboards, enabling in-time decision making, effective forecasting, trend analysis and meeting legislative or otherwise proposed benchmarks.

Request Routing

Automatically accept and direct citizen requests and inquiries to the right department or individual, ensuring each is promptly processed with as little effort as possible

Out of Box Modules

Out of the box modules that can be customized and configured to suit specific workflows.

Workflow Management

Built-in, state of the art workflows track the state of the request/permit and are easily configured to handle different types of permits (duration, fees, etc.)

Printable PDF

Generate printable PDF documents (such as a permit) that can automatically be sent by email based on a workflow action.

Native Mobile App

Customer engagement through application-native platforms–enabling the organization to go beyond compliance by providing and alerting management to key deadlines

Professional Services

Premium edition is highly customizable to meet the most demanding requirements. Professional services to leverage the customizability are available

Top-Level Security

Secured by SSL and is a highly available, cloud-hosted solution. Developed based on cyber security best practices.

Cloud-Managed Solution

Simplified IT management. Nothing to install or upgrade, completely cloud-hosted. Scalability and disaster recovery built-in by leveraging the cloud platform’s native support

Out of the Box Modules Available

Building Permit

Building Permit

Building permits protect the interests of individuals and the community. Ensure compliance with local building codes by allowing citizens to conveniently apply for a building permit and their follow up inspections online.

Burn Permit Icon

Burn Permits

Quickly and easily register controlled burn permit events. All steps of the permit registration process, from providing burn details to payment can be completed online with customizable features to suit your municipalities needs.

Building License

Business Licence

Allow local businesses to apply for a business licence quickly and easily online. The Business Licence module has the ability to allow for multiple licence types per application. It has never been easier to get businesses compliant.

CivicWise - Icon-Customer Request Management 400x400

Citizen Request Management

Allow citizens to submit requests, suggestions, and complaints online. Track the history of the call and how many times the request was passed around to better assess your city's communication strategy.

Dog Permit

Dog Licences​

Licensing dogs is a necessity in many municipalities. Pet owners want ease and convenience of online registration while staff want to easily sort through permit and pet information. CivicWise’s dog licence module can help.

Heritage Registry Icon

Municipal Heritage Register

Identifying properties of cultural heritage value is an essential part of a municipality’s role in heritage conservation. The Municipal Heritage Register module allows staff to manage these properties.

Property Module

Property Module

Keep track of all properties within your municipality with information like address, ward, zoning, conditions and ownership. Allow staff to request new properties to be added to the database.

Property Tax Ownership Change

Property Tax Ownership Change

Prevent misdirected tax bills, penalty and interest charges by allowing your citizens to submit a request online when the ownership of a property has changed.

Property Tax Mailing Address Change

Property Tax Mailing Address Change

Allow citizens to submit requests to have their property tax mailing address changed online to avoid late penalties and interest charges.

Sign Permit Icon

Sign Permits​

In most communities, installing a new sign requires the sign company to seek a permit. The Sign Permit module allows staff to track permits while allowing citizens to track the status of their request online.

Custom Icon

Custom Modules

We are constantly updating our out-of-the-box module offerings. If you do not see a module listed on this page that you require, please contact us and we will be happy to help!

These are just some examples of how CivicWise can make citizen and staff users’ lives easier. We offer other modules, and can customize these modules to suit your municipalities specific needs. Email sales@civicwise.com to view read about other examples of modules CivicWise has created for municipalities like yours.

Empower citizens to serve themselves