Warehouse, Manufacturing and Logistics

Easily move beyond paper, email, and spreadsheets.

Stratawise is an innovative, modern, cloud service that can automate a wide array of processes, and shines when it comes to processes like the following:

  • Warehouse Hot Parts—Expedites parts from external warehouses (picks and/or receipts)
  • Manufactured Hot Parts—Expedites the need for internally manufactured parts
  • Supplier Expedites—Facilitates timely submission, supplier communication, and the tracking of requests for expedited parts
  • Warehouse Count—Request inventory counts from the Warehouse
  • Inventory Adjustments—Checklist and detail capture for inventory adjustments
  • Issue Tracker—Report and track resolution of issues with parts
  • Missing Parts Tracker–Supports 5 why analysis for missing parts–whether they impacted the manufacturing line, or just came close to doing so
  • Material Add/Change/Delete Tracker–Tracks requests for parts to be moved on the line and the associated updates to other systems

The Stratawise platform increases efficiency and improves accountability by:

  • Standardizing methods and processes by enforcing a defined workflow
  • Automating communication between the individuals and groups involved
  • Automating tracking
    • Information aggregated in one place, not individuals inboxes
    • Improves traceability for the purpose of accountability
    • Who, what, and when is automatically captured
    • Supports analysis of data for continuous improvement (Excel and Tableau export formats)
    • Facilitates root cause analysis
  • Ensuring the quality of inputs leveraging input validation
  • Providing scheduled reports on a daily, monthly, and annual basis

Stratawise has a full deployment plan that we will review with your team before you commit. This project plan covers, requirements gathering, design, customization, acceptance testing, and training.